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Dr. Nerette & Stephanie Nerette ARNP specialize in the restoration of health, function, balance, beauty, and intimate wellness using the latest technology in testing, medical-grade supplements, customized plans, and state of the art treatments to optimize health, quality of life, outward physical appearance, and intimate wellness. Let our comprehensive functional medicine approach help you develop an individualized plan to optimize you!

Bellissimo Medical Weston Florida, an all-inclusive facility that provides preventative and personalized healthcare by a board-certified doctor and an entire team trained and certified to provide the treatments they administer; ensuring that you will receive the best results. Our staff of skilled medical assistants delivers an array of skincare and cosmetic services, anti-aging treatment, and integrative personalized healthcare to meet all your needs. We pride ourselves in delivering state-of-the-art medical and aesthetic treatments while providing outstanding customer service in a relaxing spa environment.

So, if you are ready to make a change in your health and appearance, and would like to explore the latest technology available to help you achieve your goal, please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Mission Statement

Bellissimo Medical LLC
  Dr.Jean-Claude Nerette, Jr. & Nurse Practitioner Stephanie Muniz Nerette

Our vision and mission for Bellissimo Medical LLC is to be the International leader in Functional Medicine by teaming up with individuals and their families to optimize health through sensational customer service, 24-hour access, cutting edge /state of the art treatments and personalized plans using our Integrative Functional Medicine Approach.

Seeing all the lives we have positively impacted, it is our mission to multiply globally teaching other physicians our Integrative Functional Medicine approach to continue our mission of making a difference in people’s lives by optimizing overall health and improving overall quality of living.

Because of our unique multi-cultural backgrounds, multiple languages, we are extremely compassionate and “down to earth” with our clients making them feel comfortable in revealing intimate personal information. We take the time in listening to each client not only to develop a trusting long-term relationship but to develop a plan that is client specific to meet the goals of optimizing their health in a way that is not possible through traditional medicine. Our Integrative Functional Medicine Approach utilizes bio identical hormones, medical grade supplements and diet to treat not only chronic diseases such as sugar, gut, cholesterol, blood pressure but to also to improve and balance overall health. To achieve the optimization of overall health, intimacy wellness is imperative. Being the leader in the field of intimacy wellness, we offer many tools and treatments for both men and women. Complementing our Integrative Functional Medicine, is our wide array of non-surgical aesthetic procedures that resurface, rejuvenate, volumize and tighten to create a natural more youthful you.

Our approach to medicine, has led to increased client satisfaction and referrals of not only treating clients in North America, but also internationally.

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