ALA Plus



(120 Caps) – ALA Plus is a whole-body, multifunctional antioxidant that helps to maintain healthy, well-functioning cells. ALA pLus is designed to neutralize free radicals in both the water-based and lipid-based portion of cells, making it the ideal whole-body antioxidant. In addition, ALA Plus helps the body synthesize glutathione, the body’s own master detoxifier. ALA Plus also “recharges” other important antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, and CoQ10, giving them the ability to continue fighting free radicals for extended periods of time. Unlike regular alpha-lipoic acid ALA Plus controlled-release formulation provides extended protection. in addition, biotin supports the functions of alpha-lipoic acid in regulating glucose metabolism. Consult your healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant or nursing.



Vegan - Wheat free - Gluten free - Yeast free - Corn free - Soy free - Animal or dairy product free - Fish/shellfish free - Peanut-free - Tree nuts free - Egg free - GMO-free - Artificial color free - Artificial sweeteners free - Artificial preservatives free.


As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet 30 minutes before Breakfast and 1 tablet 30 minutes before dinner, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.